ludlow wallet

  1. ive been thinking of getting the vernis indigo ludlow. i just have a few questions...

    1. is indigo prone to color transfer? i'll be using it with my damier speedy.
    and also, is the ludlow too small?

    2. what about red vernis? is that prone to transfer too?

    im thinking of getting a groom cles plus ludlow, and thats about 535 together...and i'll have 2 cute pieces.

    3. or should i just get 1 LV wallet that can hold more but is about 500+ (multicolor wallet) ?

    :s im so torn....
  2. I have the marsmallow Ludlow. I have a full size wallet, too but I use my Ludlow waaay more. I'm a minimalist, so I normally ownly carry my DL, my Visa, and a bank card. The three slots on the Ludlow are perfect. I fold up bills and put them together with coins int the coin pocket.

    I like that it's so small and fits in the tiniest pochettes, or I can just shove it in my pocket and it's not poking out.

    And the Ludlow in Vernis is so cute! But if you carry a lot of stuff, I think you should go for a regular wallet.
  3. The indigo won't show any marks unless they're really dark (like Sharpie marks). It's a great color, as is the red..I have the red Biscayne Bay GM and it's SO gorgeous.
    And I have a bronze's a cute wallet but I only use it when I use a's just way too small for me. I don't like having to fold up my cash, I'd rather have it so I can see everything I have without having to take it out of the wallet. It just all depends on how much you carry..if you don't carry a lot of things in your wallet, the Ludlow will probably be fine for you :yes:
  4. I personally don't have a ludlow...but on the australian vogue of the girls said their ludlow ripped and peeled at the intersection of the card holders...don't exactly remember what she said but it was something along the lines....
  5. Oooh indigo would be nice!
  6. I have a Framboise Ludlow that I LOVE

    It's a great size, and it doesn't show any marks or color transfer at all