LudLow wallet VS Zippy Coin Purse,pls help me decide

  1. To you all the experts on this, I need your opinion about these two items. At this moment I need a small wallet that will fit into a clutch or small purse.
    What do you think about these two , Ludlow and Zippy. Please help me decide which one i shoud get.
    I really appreciate your thoughts
  2. zippy coin purse.. i've seen both IRL and zippy coin purse is more functional than the ludlow (i think it can hold more but not sure).
  3. I have Ludlow wallet and I love it.
  4. I think the Zippy coin purse would be better. It seems like it fits more and would be more practical.
  5. I bought the Zippy coin purse in new épi Cassis color yesterday cause I needed a small wallet to and I think is perfect!
  6. Zippy, Zippy, Zippy!
  7. I like the ludlow because it's the smallest one so it can fit into even the smallest of pouches, evening bags, or clutches. I don't use it everyday (have a large wallet for daily use), but it sure is handy when I need something tiny!
  8. Ludlow...I have it in Bronze and it's good for a few little things when I carry a pochette.
  9. Zippy! I use mine in my pochette when I go to work. Plus it'll hold a lot more then a ludlow would.
  10. I vote for zippy!! I adore mine(mono) it is compact but still holds quite a bit and is perfect for when I want to carry something smaller.
  11. i had the ludlow, but sold it because it didn't fit my needs. however, it was really cute - if only it was bigger!
  12. I have the ludlow in mono mat. It's a cute little wallet, but I don't think it holds as much as a zippy coin purse. I was testing out the zippy at the LV boutique and I loved it! If I had a choice I'd pick the zippy.
  13. I have the ludlow and it's perfect for me but I got it before the zippy coin purse came out. I think for a smaller wallet that's a better choice. It looks very practical to me. Several slots and you can see everything when you open the zipper. The cassis zippy with the pink interior is just gorgeous!

    One + on the ludlow is that it's available in vernis! :heart:
  14. The Ludlow is really tiny, and if you need something that will fit anywhere, that's the right choice in my opinion. I'm actually not in love with the Zippy.
  15. I vote for zippy ... I looked at it again today and it is a great practical wallet and good size for smaller bags:tup: