Ludlow vs. Cozy - Need your guidance!

  1. Hi gals! :flowers:

    I don't know what's up with me recently! I'm starting to like stuff which I didn't really like prior to joining tPF!

    Ok, here's my problem. What do you think of the Cozy wallet vs Ludlow wallet? They are rather similar, but I just can't decide on which to get! For those who own both, which do you prefer?

    And then there's another problem:

    1. If I get the Cozy, Black MC or White MC?
    2. If I get the Ludlow, should I get Mono or Framboise?

    Thanks gals! :smile:
  2. Black MC Cozy
    Framboise Ludow
  3. not to steal your post, but i had the exact same answer...
  4. GET the vernis ludlow!
    are there no more ludlow perles???
    because that is a BEAUTIFUL wallet!
    and it can be very useful!
  5. I have the Ludlow in the monogram, and I can fit a surprising amount of crap in it. Lots of cards, my license, etc. I keep my cash folded in the first credit card slot, along with my license and a couple of cards. The second slot has cards in it, and the pocket/slot opposite the credit card slots also fits stuff. I also use the coin pocket.

    I've never seen the cozy purse in person, but I think it is a bit smaller and not as roomy as the Ludlow, based on what I just read on E-Luxury. It looks super cute in MC, but if you're looking for functional, I vote the Ludlow :smile:

    Also, if you go with the Ludlow, I vote monogram canvas. Even though framboise vernis would be way more fun, the leather-lined monogram is more durable and withstands lots of use more than vernis. Just my opinion ;)

  6. Ludlow :smile:
  7. Combine the best of both and get a multicolore PMP!!! :nuts:
  8. I like the ludlow.
  9. How does the PMP look like? :confused1:
  10. both are really gorgeous, but you can fit more in the ludlow then in the cozy.this would be my choose:
    ludlow framboise (or maybe the pomme d'amour?) or the
    white mc cozy.
  11. Because of the practical size, my vote is for the ludlow framboise (or maybe the pomme d'amour?)! Both pretty colors.
  12. i like the ludlow in mono.
  13. cozy in white mc
    ludlow in framboise

    the cozy is adorable! but it really doesn't fit that much so i suggest the ludlow.
  14. ITA:yes: