Ludlow - Perle Vernis or Gold Dentelle? Worth getting?


Perle Vernis or Gold Dentelle ludlow

  1. Vernis Perle

  2. Dentelle Gold

  3. Don't get either, its too small, too fragile, not practical/useful, ect.

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  1. I'm debating if the ludlow is worth getting. I'd get a larger wallet, but it think $500 for a wallet is a bit much and I'm hesitant. Is the ludlow user friendly and useful?

    If so, should I get the gold dentelle or vernis in perle? Those are the only two I like. So no pomme for me. I guess both have their pros and cons. I don't own any vernis pieces but I am concerned it may become yucky quickly, meaning it might get color transfers, scuffs, and worse of all... turn yellow with time around the edges and stuff. Since ive never owned vernis I don;t know how big of a concern these issues are with white vernis. Or if it will start turning yellow within 2 years or within 10. Those who are better experienced, please let me know. :smile: The pro of white vernis? It's really pretty and stunning in perle and at the same time i like how it is noticable yet not showy in the sense that the monogram is not in your face. So people need to really look to know its lv, especially from a distance.

    As for dentelle, its also beautiful but i am concerened about how fragile it might be and whether the gold stiching might get snagged. It is also noticably LV because of the stand o ut monogram.

    Both are the same price. Please feel free to chime in any personal experiences or advice. Thanks!! :graucho:
  2. I would buy the dentelle one. I bougth the gold yesterday. It will increase more in value then the vernis one and is much more pretty!!!! If you can organize a little it will fit everything... also very handy for going out, it will fit everywhere!
  3. Dentelle, its cute!
  4. i think i would choose the dentelle, because it's sooo special~~ :biggrin:
  5. I would vote for something else (like a billfold of some sort), but if you must have a Ludlow, get the Perle one. The Dentelle just isn't really practical IMO. The Perle will match more pieces.
  6. No opinion on this but do let us know what you decide!
  7. i love the perle one! i have it!
    its gorgeous, and goes with everything! i havent gotten it dirty, and i use it EVERYDAY! get it get it get it!
  8. I would get the dentelle gold!:nuts:
  9. My fave is pomme, but since you don't like it, I'd go with Dentelle!
  10. I say go for the Dentelle Gold Wallet.
  11. Dentelle Gold!!
  12. I love the Dentelle Ludlow, I've been using it since I bought it and it's holding up really well, although it is rather small. I think it is well worth it.
  13. I like the Dentelle gold
  14. I vote for the dentelle gold too:heart:
  15. Dentelle Gold...I'm also contemplating whether to get ludlow in dentelle or damier or just get a cles... arrgh.. tough choice