Ludlow or Pocket Organizer?

  1. I am thinking about a getting a epi pouchette to use as a small purse. I will need a small wallet to go inside. I am looking at the Ludlow and the pocket organizer.
    The wallet will need to hold my id and a few credit cards and a few bills. I don't really need it to hold change as I always keep my change in my mono cles (even when using my large wallet, I put additional cards in the change compartment).
    What do you girs think of the pocket organizer? Its kind f cool as its flat. I figured I could then fit it, my cles, key case, and cell in the pouchette.
    Any thoughts?
  2. I've never seen the pocket organizer IRL so I'm not sure how big it really is but it sounds more compact than the ludlow. The ludlow is a small wallet but still a bit bulky for the basic epi pochette since the pochette is very flat. I have a ludlow and love it because I can fit it in all my small purses but I have the montiagne clutch which is rommier. When I use my epi pochette, I use the cles with it.