Ludlow or Cles in Your Pochette?


Ludlow or Cles in your Pochette?

  1. Ludlow

  2. Cles

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  1. I'm deciding to get either a pochette or mini pochette and would like to get a Ludlow or Cles to go with it as my regular wallet is too big for either. If you carry a pochette, which would you use and why?
  2. why did u post 2 threads??
  3. I like the Cles!:yes:
  4. I'm new to this forum...only a few days old. Don't know what happened the thread was up before I was done.
  5. I choose the ludlow. It has room for cards, change, and some cash. When I carry a cles I usually have my Agenda pm.
  6. I like the cles.
  7. I use both in my regular pochette.
  8. I like the cles as a wallet in the pochette; fits cash, cards and change and holds my keys -- the perfect all-round accessory
  9. I like the cles. It will fit more receipts and you can buy 2 for the price of the ludlow. The ludlow is cute though...
  10. wow, seems like most prefer cles...
  11. cles for me
  12. Ludlow is small, but practical.
  13. I highly recommend Perfo Cles if you can still find one (check out Elux), b/c it fits the most :yes:
  14. This is a tough one. Assuming you get a canvas cles (either mono or damier), you can fit quite a bit inside it: cash, cards, change. As for a ludlow, you can also fit those things but it would be better oranized and you could fit a bit more inside it. And its easier to get stuff in and out, I think. It has a change compartment for change and slots I think it was 2 or 3? for cards. Extra cards could go in with the change? Its really a tough choicee. It really depends on what you want this time. A cles is about $100 less and can be clipped onto your keys as a key chain, or to store miscellaneous things inside a purse OR (and my favorite use yet) clipped onto the loop of jeans when your out at a club or bar and dont want to hold anything. It looks really chic. It can be used as a wallet, however, and this is only in my personal opinion, I don't think it looks that presentable as a wallet though I sometimes use it as such myself. Its more of a keychain or little pouch in a backpack for cash but not a wallet (if that makes sense). A ludlow is more presentable as a wallet, though a small one. But you cant hook it to your jeans on a night out or your keys for errands. Hope this helped some.
  15. I think of the Cles as being a complimentary item for a bag, so I would prefer the Ludow.