Ludlow for a wallet?? Yay or Nay?


What line for a ludlow?

  1. Vernis

  2. Mono

  3. Damier

  4. Other, dentelle, mc (pls put in post)

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  1. Ok, so my bf is taking me to LV next sat to finally get my damier speedy!:yahoo: I was thinking of getting a wallet as well, what do you guys think of the ludlow?
    Its small and compact which I like, at the moment i have a purse like the PTI and its just too big for me!

    Any pics of what you can fit inside the ludlow!? Can you fit notes?

    Thanks guys! :heart:

    oo yeh, and which one should I get? Vernis, damier mono..?
  2. I prefer the ludlow in vernis. I don't have one so I can't answer your other questions. Congrats!!
  3. Dentelle, get something truly special.
  4. The Ludlow is very small. Really no place for money, you have to fold it. and room for 3 credit cards.
    I usually only use mine when going out.
  5. I really like the ludlow i really like it in damier.
  6. I'm also debating the ludlow and i'm gonna get it

    I guess et really depends from person to person. Some have a lot to carry, others like it small and simple;

    You can not fit notes in the ludlow. you have to fold them and put them in the coin department

    Good luck with your choices!

    O, I voted vernis because this is a rather inexpensive item and I would get it in the vernis to get something special. I do like the damier if it has an red interior, not sure about that...
  7. Ludlow in Pomme!
  8. Pomme Vernis!!!
  9. It really depends if you like to fold your money or need to see it unfolded.
  10. thanks everyone, thats why i thought il just get something small. I never use cash, always cards, and just have some small change for parking etc, so do you think it will be ok?

    Yeh im going towards the vernis too! I would love to see the dentelle IRL, hope they have it at the boutique!
  11. Im getting the ludlow this year probably, and vernis would be ideal :smile:
  12. I say go for a Ludlow in Dentelle. It's so cute!
  13. Pomme Ludlow is tdf!!!!
  14. I agree!
  15. It is perfect for those who don't carry a ton of stuff. I love mine which I bought in the pomme vernis. I like it because I can finally use it in my pochettes and small bags. I think it is great. The dentelle one looks cute but the white interior leather would bother me.