Lucy - similar colors (Cognac and Tan)

  1. I recently bought a cognac Lucy, which I'm delighted about. However, I saw the Lucy below on eBay today and was curious about the color. I know Kooba made the Lucy in cognac, plum, forest green, ivory, black, jade and sand, but I previously didn't realize they did it in tan as well, but after checking it out on the Kooba site it looks like there was a tan Lucy (see the studded section of the link).

    I've never seen a tan Lucy before. If I hadn't got a cognac Lucy, I would have been interested in tan, which must be pretty rare don't you think? Has anyone else seen one before?

    Camel above.

    The picture below is a picture the seller sent me of the cognac Lucy I've bought, so you can see the color difference for reference.
  2. It's a rare one alright Mini.
    I have this particular bag in purple from this particular season and the leather is incredible. Like butta. So soft.
  3. I've never seen the tan before, but it's lovely! Seems like a nice year-round color. I like the fact that's it's 'natural' looking. And the lucy is such a functional bag too, bet that gets snapped up quick!
  4. Minimouse--thank you for the alert--I just bought it! I really don't *need* another bag (lol!) but I'm still having seller's regret over the light green Lucy that I sold, so I must console myself:angel:. At least a brown bag won't show dirt....or so I keep telling myself! I love the Lucys and Claudias. Most of this year's bags from Kooba are not attractive, at least to me (except for the Elisha/Devin family). Again--I really appreciate your posting this.:smile::heart:
  5. dachsiemama, CONGRATULATIONS. It looks like a great color and a great bag. I am so pleased it was snapped up because I was finding myself very tempted, but trying to resist since I already have a cognac. Don't forget to report back when you get her, I'm sure she's going to be beautiful, and they are so hard to find, so you did good.