Lucy Lui Turns Heads ...

  1. [​IMG]
    Fashion disaster

    Experimental: the actress says she has been inspired to be adventurous with fashion by stylist Patricia Field
  2. [​IMG]
    Distraction: the candy-inspired trimming overpowered an otherwise elegant outfit
    The 39-year-old's experimental approach to fashion appears to have been inspired by Cashmere Mafia's costume designer Patricia Field, who was responsible Carrie Bradshaw's quirky ensembles.

    Lucy said in a recent interview: "The other day my character was wearing a gold lamé striped dress with a coffee-hued belt, black leggings and green earrings."

    Mixing and matching, she says, "is contagious."
    Cashmere Mafia is expected to be picked up by Channel Four later this year
  3. She sure is pretty, but I don't get the cocoon wrap thing?
  4. She looks like a pink StayPuff Marshmallow thing. Very Willie Wonka-ish.
  5. What the heck is that pink thing? Otherwise she'd look so nice.
  6. I think it could've worked had the dress been a differant colour.
  7. i think its interesting.

    and her face is undeniably beautiful. my little brother has a major crush on her. lol

    P.S. I think she should have worn strappy sandals instead of those pumps. kind of cheapens the look
  8. She is still gorgeous and had the guts to try it at least.
    I know my husband wouldn't hold it against her for wearing this - LOL Lucy is one of his fav actresses
  9. Also, the bow on the dress is to big! anyway, i think she is fabulous !
  10. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I love the color of the dress and the style. I'm not really feeling that huge pink thing. But you have to admit, she wears it with a great attitude. You can't deny her beauty and confidence.
  11. I actually think there's something really nice about this outfit- it's very flamoyant - I've seen worse outfits :biggrin:
  12. She looks amazing minus the wrap thingy (although it could of been worse). :greengrin:
  13. the dress would have been better without this pink thing.
  14. Even in jewel-toned blue and candy pink it is her personality that I see shining through. Now that's style!
  15. That pink thing looks ORGANIC. I'm really confused by how it's it supposed to be one-shouldered like that, or did it just slip down by mistake? My eyes want to make sense of it, but they can't. I like the pink and purple color combo and I like how she's trying to make a runway look work in the real world, but it's not quite panning out.