Lucy lost her toothie!!!

  1. You guys are never gonna believe this - Lucy lost her tooth :crybaby:- SO BE CAREFUL!

    I phoned the boutique and they said it was okay to return for repaiR.:s
  2. Oh... that is so sad!!! But, she's still cute!!! Hope she's not at the "dentist" for too long!
  3. :s Oh dear, I need to check mine
  4. Oh oh poor Lucy ( .. hope it wont take long!
  5. poor poor lucy. makes her look more like a pumkin though. although i have to say everytime i see the ajck and lucy keychain i think of a nightmare before christmas....
  6. Hehe me too! and thats such a brilliant movie :smile: Its such a cool keychain!
  7. Oh my! Kind of funny looking with a missing "tooth." I hope LV doesn't charge you for the repair.
  8. OMG! It DOES happen! I asked the SA who served me what if one of the crystals fell out, can LV repair it? She shrugged and said no. But I don't believe her :p
  9. Poor Lucie! Hope her visit to the LV dentist will be successfull...
  10. oh i still think it looks cute like that. :smile:
  11. I think they could fix it quicker, cheaper and better at a jeweler seems pretty easy
    probably they will make u wait months and charge you a lot
  12. I bought this when it came out in October. I waited a month before I got to see it because I was overseas, and now...
  13. Hehe.. but she looks so rakish without all the bling !
  14. Uh, I was worried about that happening when I saw it. Of course the seller on eBay assured me that it was extremely sturdy.
  15. Poor Lucie! Now she looks like a pumpkin. Hope they will fix that soon so she won't look toothless anymore. Sorry it happen to you.