Lucy Liu

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  1. #1 Aug 24, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 12, 2010
    Actress Lucy Liu arrives at the Nakheel Introduces Trump International Hotel and Tower Dubai party

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  2. I like the way she dresses. She's worn some stinkers before, but overall, I like the way she dresses.
  3. She looks good, I really like her makeup. Is she doing anything new? Haven't seen her in new movies or anything lately.
  4. Whatever happened to Lucy Lui? Haven't seen or heard of her in ages.

    Paying a visit to the City of Lillies, Lucy Liu and new boyfriend Noam Gottesman were spotted exploring Florence, Italy on Sunday (July 11).

    The “Kill Bill” actress and her Israeli-American businessman kept busy by visiting the Accadamia Gallery, the Corridoio Vasariano, the Bargello Palace, The Cappelle Medicee and finally Santa Croce Cathedral.

    In other news, Ms Liu is set to publish her very own art book which will portray her collages, paintings, and photography of different galleries all over the world.

    The beautiful actress told press, “I’m actually working on an art book that is coming out in the fall. I’ve been working on things for a while, paints and sculpture.”

  5. Oh I heart this woman! She is stunning!
  6. I feel the need to contact a mod to see if she can change the title of this thread. It's LIU...not Lui. :Push:
  7. :welcome:

    I love me some Lucy Liu, sassy little firecracker!
  8. I've had such a girl crush on her since Ally McBeal.
  9. shes so gorgeous :yes:
  10. I loved her in Ally McBeal and Kill Bill.
  11. Alex/Sever/Tid Pao/O-Ren!!!! :nuts::yahoo:

    I'd like to see her kick a** again, but I suppose there are only so many movies you can be in like that and still feel like the money's worth it.

    O-Ren was a good closing role for that part of her acting life, I guess. IMDB credits her in other flicks with action in 'em, but I didn't see her in them, so I have no frame of reference.

    (Yes, I was the only person who saw her and Antonio Banderas in that movie.)
  12. Ah, :ty: Swanky for fixing the title of the thread. Love Lucy...hope she is in more projects. :smile:
  13. I've always thought she was so cute!
  14. I just so happen to be watching Ally McBeal, ...

    "There's a naked nude woman in here lining up fire!"

    *DEAD* LOL.
  15. Making for quite the festive fete, Kristin Chenoweth celebrated her 42nd birthday with a party at Carnival at Bowlmor Lanes in New York City, NY on Thursday (July 29).
    The "Four Christmases" actress was all smiles as she was joined by actress pal Lucy Liu.