Lucy Liu on Letterman

  1. I don't know about you guys but there seems to be alot going on here. :s


    Alexander McQueen dress. Valentino bag.
  2. The dress is beautiful! I just watched the SATC episode with her, she's really pretty.
  3. i like her dress.
  4. Love her shoes!
  5. That gold bag is too much with the rest of her outfit.
  6. why do celebrities dress up just to go on a talk show. she looks like she should be going out to dinner
  7. I like everything but the bag
  8. yeah i think it is the bag that throws the rest off. without it it actually looks ok. i dunno ... the gloves .... i just can't decide. but i guess i am not going on Letterman so I shouldn't worry too much.
  9. The bag is too garish for the rest of the beautiful outfit. It would be nice with something else.
  10. That color looks fantastic on her!
  11. The bag is too much. I like everything else. Love the gloves. Dave likes it when you dress up for him and put forth an effort. I love Dave. He is so funny in a not so funny way. He loves the ladies :heart: and the ladies love him.
  12. there are just too many colors going on for me. She should have stuck with just the pink and black.
  13. I agree..too many colors. Just the pink and black would have been good enough. I spy LOUBOUTINS!
  14. The coat and bag don't work here, but everything else looks great.

    That said, I don't especially care for Lucy Liu.
  15. I saw the pic of the model wearing the same dress, and I have to admit, I liked it better on her. :/