Lucy Liu Having Lunch @ The Wild Oats Cafe

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  1. Lucy Liu's Humdrum Lunch
    Posted Nov 17th 2006 1:47PM by TMZ Staff

    Lucy Liu was spotted yesterday, having lunch with a friend at Wild Oats Cafe in Los Angeles. Had the trained eye of the paparazzi not been around, the usually glamorous actress might have gone completely unrecognized.
    We're used to being wowed by the Charlie's Angel. Here, she looks like she's taking a break from housework
  2. lol she's allowed to dress down, just like the rest of us!
  3. ^^ so true
  4. She is beautiful!! I love when people dress down, she isn't walking around red carpet all day!!
  5. i love her, she's soo beautiful.
  6. She looks great just like that!!
  7. I think she looks great too. And she is always slim and fit!
  8. I couldn't agree more!
  9. I love Lucy Liu. She can do whatever she feels like~!
  10. I love Lucy Liu too!!. She's very classy and down to earth.
  11. She's gorgeous! DOnt you just love her freckles?
  12. I love Lucy Liu! she's awesome!