Lucy Coupon Code??

  1. Does anyone know of a coupon code, I have looked all over and nothing seems to work! Thanks so much!!

  2. See If This Works....

    Save 25% Off Your Entire Purchase With Code:


    Good Through October 07, 2007

    Shop online or bring this email to any store by October 7, 2007 to redeem on regular priced merchandise only. For one-time use only. Not valid with any other offer or on gift cards, on prior purchases, or for cash. For online purchases type 0907efall at check out. DRC 8

    I received this after signing up for their newsletter..It's for one-time use only, however there was a link included where I could email the offer to a friend or friends. Perhaps the code can be used by many, but only once per person. Hopefully, it will work for you...but it doesn't apply to sale items.
  3. Thanks So much!! It worked and I got 2 cute pair of sweats!!

  4. You're welcome..glad you could use it and I don't know why I never posted that one! Hmmm...I must be slipping!
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