Lucy??? Anyone have info??

  1. So...from what I know...Lucy will be from the Legacy collection NOT the Hampton's like Miranda. Lucy and Miranda are the same price, have the same shape and are roughly the same size from what I have read. SO...what are the DIFFERENCES between the two??? Does anyone know?:shrugs: TIA
  2. The front pocket is different if I remember. I am interested too so if anyone has any info let us know!
  3. Hmmm, perhaps Lucy is basically a Miranda made with Legacy Leather???
  4. and Legacy lining??
  5. Ok, this is Lucy:


    This is Miranda:


    I have to say I think Miranda is much more attractive. I don't like the zipper above the front pocket on the Lucy. The Miranda has a wide open pocket above the front turnlock pocket that I find very handy and accessible. There is also a back, zippered compartment on the back of the Miranda. I don't know what is on the back of the Lucy. Lucy may weigh a bit less because there seems to be less hardware on her. I would like to know what her dimensions are. I know the Miranda is 16 1/2 x 10 1/2 x 6. I can fit a standard file folder in the main compartment with room to spare. I love Miranda! :love:
  6. Lucy is 11 x 16 x 6. I ordered her today in walnut so as soon as I get her, i'll show her off!
  7. Oh Goody! We get to see the real deal!! I am looking forward to pics!
  8. PLEASE PLEASE, post pics when she arrives. From all angles please.
  9. The Lucy seems softer than the Miranda, what is the style number? And is this the Walnut pictured?

    Can't wait to see your pics!!!
  10. I'm not keen on the Miranda but I do love the Lucy. I'd consider buying her but I don't need those colors now. Maybe they will release her in other colors later.
  11. Answered my own question, style 11649, for $798. Available in Black & Walnut. More colors could be released in the future.