Lucy - 20% Off Your Entire Purchase Through December 16th

  1. they're on crack - they still have a valid 25% off code: 1207ewonder until 12/25...why they send out a 20% off code now, i have no idea.

  2. You're soooo funny Grechen!! On crack huh?? I suppose they would prefer that you know NOTHING about the 25% and would instead use the 20%! Just guessing. They are the only ones that do this kinda is 'dumb' though. We ladies on tpf are a step ahead of them least you are!! LOL!! I just post them and rarely have the time to research them to see if there are any other existing/valid codes.
  3. dude, i pay a lot of attention to lucy codes cuz everytime they have one, i stock up :smile:

  4. I have never bought anything from Lucy!! Guess I'll have to do that one day soon!