Luco ????

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  1. I've been thinking of the Cabas mezzo for months not but couldn't bring myself to buy it because of the naked leather on the bottom. I found the Luco and its quite similar just a little more structured. what do you ladies think of the Luco? the SA told me its a "work" bag. Do you think it can be use casually like the mezzo?

  2. I personally like the Luco, but if you find it to be too "structured" try the babylone. It's a larger bag but has a no vachetta on the bottom and it has a thin profile like the Luco.
  3. i have both and the luco is more work -for sure. the mezzo is adaptable and softer. i prefer it when more often.... the luco also fits my laptop.
  4. Yes I think the the Luc can go w/ work and casual. Are you going to get it?? I just got a Vavin GM.. you may wanna look at that one too! No vachetta bottom to worry abt.
  5. its big.
  6. I saw a girl with the mezzo today and it looked really nice (had a lovely patina too) now I am thinking about this bag:suspiciou I prefer the mezzo over the luco.
  7. I recently bought the Luco tote and I love it!! It's structured but not stiff. I love all the pockets inside. I don't find it too heavy and it's great that I won't have to worry about the vachetta bottom.:cool: I was initially going to get the Cabas Mezzo, but after seeing so many dirty vachetta bottoms, I changed my mind.
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