Luco vs. Batignolles horiziontal???

  1. I am an official Chanel-aholic, but have always had one or two LV's as dependable standbys. I recently sold my speedy because I can't do the whole hand-held thing, but have held onto my Luco which I used as a book bag when I was in college. Since I've graduated, I haven't used it once :shame: despite people saying it might work as a diaper bag for my 5 month old.

    I recently saw a dentelle BH and fell in love with it...but then I thought that might be alot of $$ to spend for a bag that won't go with everything. I still love the shape of the BH because it isn't as bulky as my Luco and I like the extra leather details on the side, but think it would be silly to have two bags that are so similar.

    Should I keep the Luco and pass on the Batignolles or should I get the BH and ditch the Luco? ..OR should I hold out for a dentelle BH? Any thoughts from owners or either bags or anyone else would be greatly appreciated :flowers:
  2. I'm a total enabler and I LOVE Dentelle!!! Hold out!!!!
  3. Thanks for your opinion. I think dentelle is:love: too! I know I really like it in gold, but I haven't seen silver in person. It doesn't seem to photograph as well, does it look better IRL or does it look funky?
  4. lookd much better in person, however you may have to buy on the secondary market as these were LE from last year
  5. I have both a bh (not dentelle) and I have a luco. they're two very different bag 'types'. the bh doesn't have a zipper closure so if you're like me and sometimes throw the bag in the passenger seat etc, you may risk things falling out. it is wider, probably double the luco, so there may be more room but obviously the luco is bigger (taller and longer). There is a hook that can keep the front kinda closed up to the back of the bh but again, if you have your hands full with a baby, the luco may be secure.
    not sure if that was any help.
  6. I would get the BH and ditch the Luco....
  7. I would get the BH
  8. Get the BH!
  9. luco is pretty rare now since it's no longer in production. if u really have to use for it (it's probably too thin to be a diaper bag), sell it. as for the dentelle bh, is it still available? i know i've seen a random one here or there, but it's been awhile....
  10. Thanks for the info. I love that the Luco has a zipper top, yet I never seem to use it because I never had a problem with anything falling out when I had my notebooks in there. I guess they took up enough room to keep everything secure.

    When do you use your Luco vs. your BH? I'm planning on law school eventually so I thought the Luco would be a great work bag as it's good for legal files and looks dressy, but I don't think it's a great casual bag because it's so structured. The BH looks like it falls nicely under the shoulder and isn't bulky, right?
  11. yeah I use the luco when I have alot of paperwork for work. It just all fits so nicely in the luco. I don't have kids but I suppose diapers etc would definately fit better in the bh since it's wider. it does fit will under the arm. I guess I've just had my keys/phone fall out of my bh too many times to really be thrilled. I guess if I just stopped being a spaz and stopped 'throwing' my bh into the passenger seat of my car when I get in, that *might* help lol.
  12. i have the mono bh and i love it. it's the perfect hot mommy bag.
  13. I say get the BH, I don't currently have one. But I think it's a great looking bag and I plan to pick one up soon.
  14. Thanks so much...I think I'm hooked now! I'm a weirdo and like my handles pre-patina'd so I don't have to worry about them so I'll probably hit up eBay for one. I'll hang onto the luco for a while to see if I have any use for it. It was my first LV so even though it sits in the closet I'm attached :smile:
  15. I have the BH and a Cabas Piano.. I wouldn't get rid of the Piano.. I like the zipper top.. it gives me a slight variety and that's good enough reason for me to have them both! HA!