luco tote

  1. should i sell my Luco tote and buy a cabas mezzo? please help. for some reason i think Cabas mezzo will be better. pros and cons please:s
  2. i:heart:the luco tote
  3. I personally prefer the Luco and here´s why. More structured, no vachetta on bottom. Love the shape.
  4. more advice please:shame:
  5. please tell me more positive things about Luco so i don't have to spend 1000$ for cabas mezzo. but i couldn't stop thinking about it. please help me i'm going broke:sad:
  6. Personally, I love the shape of the Luco. The fact that there's no vachetta on the bottom is also a big plus!
  7. i'd like to see a picture of your luco.:yes:
  8. Here my luco.:yes:

  9. Keep your Luco!!! It looks great and has a nice patina!!!
  10. its soo beautiful ...
  11. I would keep the Luco .. I love that it has no vachetta base and the great size:love:
  12. Yup. I say keep the Luco too.

    The non-vachetta base is a very big advantage, and the Luco seems a bit bigger? Or maybe just wider? :shrugs:
  13. I like the Luco SO MUCH BETTER! I don't like the Cabas Mezzo - every one that I've seen IRL looks like it has permanent wrinkles somehow. Keep the Luco - very classy.
  14. KEEP IT! the patina is so beautiful! maybe you can just save up for the cabas mezzo..
  15. I love my Mezzo, but the vachetta is always a concern. I don't fret over my bags and just use them & enjoy. It has remained so far in good shape. Not sure why you want to get the CM. I would stick with what you have. A lot less to be worried about.