Luco Tote

  1. I had heard that the Luco tote is being discontinued. Has anyone else heard this?
  2. :true: ...I believe it's already discontinued.
  3. :yes: 1866 and eLux confirm so far.. They tried in vain to locate one for me recently after 4 months of exhausted searching. I had to let go of the Luco and I ended up with another bag.:s
  4. Why? It's such a classic pretty style! That's too bad!
  5. There are a couple on eBay, but I haven't looked at them to see whether they are authentic.
  6. Already discontinued. I have it!:yahoo:
  7. Darn...I liked that bag...
  8. I WISH they didn't discontinue it. Now I have to get the Mezzo with the stupid Vachetta bottom. The Luco would be my "perfect" bag. Too bad I got into LV after it was discontinued :crybaby:
  9. didn't know that they discontinued it! I wasn't too attached to that bag as it was pretty structured and it was too big in the front and back for my frame.

    vsminimoose...i have the mezzo and at first it's pretty frightening with the vachetta on the bottom but with use, i'm not worried about it anymore. with the mezzo, you can put more items in it and it's really comfortable. HtH..
  10. How about the one on let-trade?
  11. What about the Vavin? I always thought that was close, anyway...


    Vavin GM


    The luco from let trade.

    Or what about switching to damier....saleya, uzes or monosaque are all nice.