Luco - Did LV ever change the interior over time?

  1. perhaps one of you LV experts can help me clarify something but did the LUCO tote ever change its interior?

    i've seen some LUCO totes with a phone slot flanked by 2 pockets in addition to a large pocket behind it. i've also seen LUCO totes with only the phone slot flanked by the 2 pockets without the large pocket?

    ive seen the one without the large pocket in the LV stores but i also see a lot of the ones that has the large pocket from pics on the internet too.

    do any of you own one and can tell me or would know the answer?

    TIA! :smile:
  2. Before it was discontinued... Yes, there was a version with a large flat pocket besides the two pockets and cell phone patch.
  3. thanks pinki! do you know if there was a version without the large flat pocket that i saw too? i wanted to know if both versions were authentic. thanks for your help!