luco and piano?

  1. What's the difference between the 2? Is the luco significantly bigger than the [cabas] piano?
  2. Luco is more structured. I can´t remember the measurements though sorry.
  3. The Luco is 15 x 12. The Mezzo is 16 x 12, I think. And yes, the difference is that the Luco is more structured and has a Monogram bottom instead of the vachetta.
  4. luco is much bigger than the cabas piano..
  5. I own a Mezzo, and it kinda folds in places if it's not full enough, and it slouches. It has a vachetta bottom, unlike the Luco Tote. And the Mezzo is much wider, and I think the Luco has a larger strap drop length. So in comparison with the Piano, the Luco is much larger, more closer to the Mezzo's size.
  6. Luco:
    16"L x 12" H x 4" W

    Cabas piano:
    12" L x 9.8" H x 5" W