Lucky shops on SAT SHOP A THON

  1. okay, I have purchased saturday ticket and I just check the email (the ticket) and it says ONLY AFTER 2PM.
    I saw at says that SAT ticket holders are getting in from 10 AM
    Which one is correct??

    AND how does LUCKYSHOPS going on? IS it worthy?
  2. The event starts in the AM, but if your ticket was purchased with a promotion code (for a discount) then you only get to go in after 2PM. HTH

  3. OH that sucks..T_T
  4. Did anyone go? Just curious as to what it was like?
  5. I went in around 2 today, and IMO, there were some pretty good deals going. It was everything I was hoping it would be..and more (great deals on clothes, shoes, bags, and free food + drinks). I was a bit disappointed with the goodie bag though (it only had a few samples and a basically a bunch of postcards for discounts). I managed to score a vintage Gucci dress from the Love, Recycled racks for $25. Many handbags were 50%+ off retail, and they had Michael Kors shoes for $30 a pair! I left around 4, so I'm not sure if how much further the prices went down afterwards. Sorry I don't have any pix to share (I was rather occupied with all the deals and prices being slashed left and right :p). I had a great time!
  6. do you think it is better than billion dollar babes?
  7. I went there around 1 cause I thought they MIGHT let me in earlier than 2.
    Guess what@ they did not even see the ticket. I got in!!
    OMG so much good stuff. I think it is better to go last day cause they do more discounts on merchandises. I also got michael kors shoes for $30.
    Ive got seebychloe clothing 3for $50 dollars. A coat for $200 which is still selling in retail store for over $450. I also bought necklace, scalf, t shirts, and more.
    I was really had great time!!!!!:tup:
  8. Creighbaby, I've never been to billion dollar babes (I was planning to go to the last one, but missed it due to work). However, while I was browsing around for reviews on LuckyShops, I did come across some blogs where people have mentioned that the Lucky Shops event was better than billion dollar babes. I guess it's mostly because there's a bigger assortment of vendors at Lucky Shops (and not to mention the free drinks + snacks).

    And aslovely-- sounds like you got some really cool stuff! Way to go!!
    I was thinking of doing the same thing you did by showing up just a bit earlier than 2, but I woke up late and actually ended up going in a little after 2(I recall the young lady at the door scanning the barcode on my ticket before letting me in though). Nonetheless, I still got some great stuff, but in the back of my mind I do admit I was wondering what I had missed out on (eventhough the prices may have been higher). I was really looking forward to getting some Marc by Marc Jacobs accessories, but by the time I got there, they only had a few handbag styles left and not the ones I really wanted.