Lucky Shopping Event

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    Appearing at LUCKY SHOPS 2005…

    Allegra Hicks
    Catherine Malandrino
    Foley + Corinna
    Jill Stuart
    Marc by Marc Jacobs
    Mblem. by Mandy Moore
    Rebecca Taylor
    Tory Burch
    Vanessa Bruno

    Shoes & Handbags
    Jean-Michel Cazabat
    Johanna Ho
    K. Jacques
    Lauren Merkin
    Marc by Marc Jacobs
    Sigerson Morrison
    UGG Australia

    Stella McCartney Fragrances
    Yves Saint Laurent Beauté
    Miguel Ases, Inc.
    Helen Ficalora
    Jill Platner
    Roxanne Assoulin for Lee Angel
    Ten Thousand Things

    The Bluefly Shop Featuring:
    Dolce & Gabbana
    Manolo Blahnik

    Designer Vintage
    Check back soon...

    Home Accessories
    Jonathan Adler

    Denim Bar

    PLUS, the LYCRA® denim bar filled with your favorite designers and more!
  2. I was googling around last night and I found out about that - it sounds like they have some amazing deals! I'm very very jealous of people who live in New York right now. The only thing on sale right now in the OC is Blizzards at the Dairy Queen.

  3. you should fly over for a weekend , so u can enjoy the sales all so
  4. Omigosh I went to the Lucky Shops event. It was a lot of fun!! Cocktails while shopping, can't beat that. Botkier had amazing deals! I got the Fall 2006 Essex for $325! Next day I saw it at Nieman for $780! I also got Rock and Republic jeans for $100 each and a couple of wallets and bags from Marc Jacobs.
  5. I went insane there. Here's my list:

    Foley & Corinna Corest Dress in Bone
    Mike & Chris Short Sleve Hoodie in Black
    La Rock Kimono Sleeve Wrap Cardigan in Bone
    Botkier Trigger Fan Hobo in Bone
    Botkier Trigger in Eggshell
    Marc by Marc Jacobs Sweater
    Marc by Marc Jacobs Cardigan
    Marc by Marc Jacobs Blouse
    ...and there's one more thing but I can't think of it at the moment! My bank account was drained after all of that. I can't wait until next year's event. Every penny was WELL SPENT!! :heart: For those of you who didn't go, I would HIGHLY recommend making the trip to New York next year with your closest girlfriends and going nuts. I know I did.
  6. i got some great stuff including a couple of tory burch sweaters. i bought one for like 30% off their price, paid and went to pick it up and they had marked everything down to 50% off. sniffle. but then i bought another sweater since it was less. went to bloomies 2 days later and they were full price! was disappointed with the jewlery though.

    i am so sad- they had trigger bags! i want one so bad! they only had bad ones left when i got there!
  7. Honestly, that was all about timing! I was only able to get mine because when I first walked in (on that Friday at like 11:30am) I went STRAIGHT to Botkier because I didn't think they'd have any good clothing (boy was I WRONG) and knew that above all else, I needed a handbag. That's when I scooped up the last Ivory Trigger Fan Hobo. I didn't even know it CAME in that color. Then I came back around later because my friend was debating over another purse when they unloaded a second shipment of purses. I instantly grabbed this Holtser but when my friend say it, she really wanted it and she didn't find a bag that she liked immediately yet until that one so I gave it to her. GLAD I DID because then they unloaded all of these new bags and there was one single Trigger in Eggshell and I snatched that puppy up! I believe there's a Trigger on sale at Saks or Neimans online for like $400 somethnig. Not as cheap, I know, but definitely a deal.
  8. how much was your trigger if you don't mind my asking? i went at about 3ish. my boss told me to go at noon but i thought it would be a zoo and everyone there said it was. the botkier had everything for 200. it said until 3:30. then i walked around and when i came back they were changing the prices- they changed it to 200! lol. i was like you erased the sign the write the same thing? lol
  9. $200? Really? I had to split before 3pm, I couldn't take it anymore! And yes, it was definitely a ZOO in there! The Trigger was $225 when I was there and they had it in Eggshell, Black and Chestnut. It was definitely the first bag to go for most women. I think all of the bags were $225 except for this one purse that is on the website for over $900.00. That event was SUCH an amazing shopping experience. It was worth paying the $40 to attend. Heck, I didn't even remember until now that I paid in the first place!
  10. lol! i forgot too! hey the goodie bag was pretty good- i gave a lot of it to my office cause i felt bad for leaving for 2 hours in the middle of the day. it was only supposed to be an hour but i kept circling! and i never got a drink or snack or anything!

    i am SO JEALOUS of the trigger. seriously. i want the moss green but heck, i'm not picky! lol
  11. How often do they have these events in NY? Once a year? And do you sign up to get the notice on the Lucky website. Sounds like its worth a trip up from Baltimore for these events. I just have to get enough advance warning to get my act together and get up there.
  12. I'm registered with and they more or less have all of the sample sales and events that take place in the New York Metro Area and the Lost Angeles Metro Area. I would suggest signing up with them to keep up to speed with various events! They even notify you about online sales as well so even if you don't live in NY you can still get some of the benefits of being on the site. Plus, you can get further discounts on other website's promos, example: I ordered a pair of jeans and a dress from and just because I was a Top Button member and a new customer, I got 30% off my entire order! Trust me, many perks.
    It appears that they have the Lucky event every year but they notify you like two months in advance. I was getting messages about it from like September. Definitely go with a friend and make a trip out of it. The venue can be overwhelming!! For the first 30 minutes I was there, I was visiblly shaking and almost passed out like 3 times (I know it sounds crazy, nothing like that has ever happened to me before). Anymore questions, just shoot!