Lucky Rewards

  1. Has anyone used Lucky Rewards?

    Contemplating using it to buy a YSL bag through Saks. Wondered if there was a catch? Can I use it with my Saks 10% off coupon online?

    If so, that would save me $225! :yahoo: Making the bag only grossly overpriced instead of obscenely over priced ;) .
  2. Is there a coupon code this month?

    I thought you were talking about the cash back thing (sort of like ****** but it's through but then you asked if it could be combined so I'm wondering if it's a seperate code.

    Anyways, if it's a seperate code (like enter luckybreak at checkout for 10% off or something) then it can't be combined but if you're shopping through the site to get 4% cash back, then you can use the code. The thing is, the 4% cash back you get in the form of a gift card/check at the end of like... 5 months or something
  3. Coupon code for Saks using Lucky Rewards is what I meant.
    So you are saying I can combine. Awesome! 15% cash back and 10% off :smile:
  4. What is the difference between and ******.com?
  5. I'd like to know too. I was wondering if there was any extra steps. I hate when things get too complicated but I do love to save $
  6. For the Lucky Rewards, you need to subscribe to Lucky magazine and then just sign up. HTH!
  7. Do you think the Lucky Rewards are worth subscribing/signing up?
  8. I think it depends on the person and how much you shop online. I already made the subscription fee back plus some.
  9. Lucky rewards is awesome!! I only recently signed up for this although I have been a subscriber for about a year. I have already racked up about $70 in cash back!!!! Yay luckymag!!
  10. I use Luckyrewards - but I also sometimes use other programs - I really need to pick one, anyways I got a $30+ gift card really quickly.
  11. I just started using Lucky Rewards even though I've subscribed to the magazine when it first came out. I think it's great if you're going to get the magazine anyway or if you shop a lot at Zappos. They also have a lot of double points starting after Thanksgiving. :smile:
  12. How does lucky rewards work? I actually subscribe to the magazine but didnt know about this.
  13. How does lucky rewards work? I actually subscribe to the magazine but didnt know about this.

    OOPS! Sorry for the double post.
  14. You go online and sign up by entering your subscription # and then when you want to earn cashback from participating retailers, you go through the lucky rewards website link to theirs and you get cashback in the form of a MasterCard (i think) pre loaded with your cashback amount. Then when you have over $15 worth, they mail it to you. I think they mail them out quarterly.

    I haven't done it yet, b/c I just re-subscribed to the mag, specifically for this reason...
  15. Oh yeah, and I am so sad I didn't know about this earlier b/c I could have saved a boat load from zappos...