Lucky Rewards, ****** or Both?


Jun 21, 2006
Northeast USA
Just wondering which one is more worthwhile - do you check both before you buy something to see who has the higher % cash back?

How often does Lucky give you cashback?

Aren't you afraid you'll lose something out of your shopping bag if you don't act quick enough - you'll lose the item by clicking on these sites for $back?

thanks again


****** gives cashback every quarter, I don't know how long it takes Lucky to get money back... they're still relatively new I think. Right now Lucky is giving bonus cash back if you're shopping online and tomorrow is ****** bonus day. I do check both to see who gives the higher cashback... I wish we could use both!

I don't generally worry about losing the item out of my shopping basket while I click thru the cashback websites... I tend to lose items out of my basket if I can't decide if I really want it or not.


Designated Shopaholic
Jan 2, 2006
Yea, I check both as well. 1 - 2% may not seem a lot to others but imo it really adds up in the end.

What I do to make sure I dont lose anything out of my bag is that I keep the window with my cart opened and I open a new window that is used for browsing the reward amount, then once I click to the site from the rewards site, I'll close my original window. The stuff in your cart should still be there if you're logged into your account for that site.

Lucky rewards gives cashback on Jan.1st, Apr.1st, July 1, and Oct.1