Lucky Number 50: A Major Reveal!

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  1. Ooooo Corries thats a smasher. Can we get modelling pics on this one please.
  2. I'm going to post loads of pics because I don't think there has been much Beatrice on TPF. Even if she's not your cuppa. Look how beautifully made she is.
  3. Oooh that is VERY nice indeedie!! Love that colour!! :biggrin:
  4. Blimey that looks a bit posh!
  5. Looks lush Corries - what's the leather ?
  6. What goes on inside it?
  7. I really love your Beatrice!!
  8. .

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  9. Gorgeous!
  10. Glazed Goatskin Slowhand. Like the Blueberry Bays.

    I am not worthy!
  11. Ooooh Corries! She ain't half a looker! :tup: So elegant
  12. IS that soft spongy leather?

    It looks gorgeous ... :love:
  13. D'oh!

    Looks quite similar to the spongy leather.

    It is gorgeous all the same .. love it!!
  14. You're the first Corries. I think this may well be one of Mulberry's sleepers:nuts:
  15. It looks lovely and totally like my kind of bag and Defo a bag for a defining lady such as yourself..