Lucky Number 50: A Major Reveal!

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  1. OMG!I'm a few days late :blush: but Happy Belated Birthday!The gifts are fabulous and the Mushroom color is TDF.:woohoo:
  2. Thanks Cat:biggrin: I'm 50 and a sixth now Cat !! I'd only resurrected the thread to give Tegan & Uma a look at pics of Mushroom goatskin.:nuts:

    Do you or anyone else think this is ridiculous:
    I have Blueberry Goatskin Bays like Cat & Mushroom Bea as shown in this thread.

    I have an overwhelming desire for a Mushroom Goatskin Bays. Why is that? Is it greediness, stupidity, a need to repeat the buzz of getting the other two?

    I walk by it in HOF ,lift the flap, gaze at the suede and salivate.

    Am I ill?
  3. If you're ill, Corries, try the smelling salts. And chewing blotting paper works a treat for over-active salivary glands. To be honest though, I think your desires sound absolutely normal.

  4. corries2 that Mushroom Goatskin Bays has had me :sweatdrop: bullets since it showed up on the website.They are trying to seduce me with the Peony Pink Bays with the navy suede lining as well :nuts:,what's a gal to do.

    I don't think your desire stems from greed,stupidity or an illness,you just have great taste ;).
  5. Happy belated birthday Corries!!! I'm VERY late on this reveal sooo busy at work ;) What a stunning colour and bag!! Oh i sooo want the mushroom bays aswell been hinting at my boyfriend for our anniversary so fingers crossed! x
  6. I love you all. You make me feel normal.

    But then you are probably all as mad as me !!!

    I want the Ink Patent Bays and the Mushroom Rivet one too.

    I think I need a priest or an exorcist.

  7. Our taste runs in the same direction,I love the look of both of these bays
    :drool::drool::drool:,though god knows I don't need another bag that rarely see's the light of day:blush:.

    I think you should buy both,post pics and I'll drop in an drool over yours ;).