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  1. Sorry if this has already been addressed...I did a search and didn't find anything. But for any of you who are subscribers to Lucky Magazine, I'd highly recommend signing up for luckymagrewards. It's the same thing as ******.com, but I compared, and Lucky offers more in cash back. For instance, for bluefly, Lucky gives you 7% back, while ****** only gives 4%. Also, Lucky offers 14% back for, which I shop at all the time! It looks like ****** has more selection, so I've joined both and will use both depending on the discount and who I'm shopping with.
  2. Agree, I prefer Lucky reward over ****** too, higher %.... also, I like the way they send me a giftcard (mastercard), so I can use it to purchase online instead of giving out my real credit card number...
    I have earned over $500 in 2006.Total Rewards to Date: (including redeemed Rewards) $522.35
  3. Do you have to be a subscriber to their magazine to join?
  4. Yes, you have to be a subscriber to participate in the rewards program. However, if you shop at the stores often, the cashback rewards more than pays for the subscription.

  5. I just searched to see which stores give rebates. Shopbop gives 10%. I think I could use a lot of those rebates. Now I'm thinking about subscribing just for these rebates.

    Here's the link if anyone's interested. Welcome to Lucky Rewards
  6. Excellent point!
  7. Thanks so much. Is there any problem when using Lucky rebates if you also use a credit card that is tied into a specific store's point system. For example, if I order from Saks and use my Saks mastercard, will I also get the Saks 2% rewards?
  8. No problem, the rebate is based on the order amount (less shipping and tax), not payment method.
    you will get both the 4% lucky rebate and the 2% saks rewards if you use the saks card :jammin:
  9. I use's reward shopping site so that i get airline miles does anyone know if i can get the lucky rebate as well if i link through there first- is it even possible?
  10. Wow thanks for this. I couldn't use ******.com at my office because they blocked it. :crybaby: