Lucky Magazine Rewards

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  1. I put this in the thread about NM's cc and handbags, but thought I'd make a separate one of it's own.

    Anyways, Lucky Magazine has a cool idea. If you link through their website,, to participating retailers, you get a percentage back on your purchases on a mastercard gift card. You have to register first, but it's quick and simple.

    They've got "regular" stores like,,,,, and more. I think there are other websites that do this sort of thing--but I liked that it was through Lucky--I feel like it's more reputable...
  2. Thanks, will ck it out.
  3. ooo i'll have to go sign up for that, it's not like i don't shop at those sites anyway!
  4. ****** also gives a little back if you go through them to order things from eluxury. Just a heads up for those ladies that normally order from elux anyways. ;)
  5. This is a cool program. You can get 14% back at, 3% back at, and quite a few others. I just received $58 back on a purchase from (I think it was 8% back).

    Well worth the price of a subscription...and the magazine isn't bad either.
  6. I could have used this today :sad:
  7. What happens if you return the merchandise? Do you lose the cash back rewards too? Or do they not coordinate it?
  8. you get a % from ebay purchases as well, I got some money back from auctions won. :graucho: Between eBay nordies bluefly and Zappos I already have accumulated $76 since the start of the year:wlae:
  9. I always thought this was for Lucy subscribers only because I had to enter in my subscription code.
  10. ^ i think it is just for subscribers. for anyone thinking about it, if you do a lot of online shopping, it's worth it!
  11. Yes, they coordinate it. You only get credit for the things you keep, not those you return.
  12. This program is great!! I started it when they first offered it and have gotten checks for over $1000 so far. They do coordinate some of the stores for returns, others they don't. For example if I buy something at Gap online and return it in store the $ is not taken away. I wouldn't suggest trying to take advantage for this though as things could change anytime. They used to also have NM on there, alothough they have since removed it. NW used to give credit for even cancelled orders that were registereed for a certain amount of time. I didn't realize that until after NM was gone and there were purchases on my history that I didn't ever complete.
  13. Lucky Rewards tends to have higher % cash back., and I prefer it to any of the other similar sites. Lately, they have also been increasing the number of retailers that participate with Lucky Rewards.

    I love it!
  14. I agree that in general Lucky Mag Rewards in general has the best % back, and so usually end up choosing this when making purchases. However, I've yet to see them allow you to use coupon code at the same time, while some of the others do. So, it's still always best to consider the different rebate options if you have the time to do so. I wish Lucky would allow more coupon codes!
  15. I have never had any problems using coupons while using Lucky Rewards.