Lucky Magazine MIA ad

  1. Hello! :flowers: I wanted to do a search but the feature is off so please forgive me if this has been asked before...

    In the recent issue of Lucky magazine (w/ Hayden P. on the cover), there's an ad on the 3rd page with the singer MIA (M.I.A.?). She's holding a yellow oversized clutch & I just fell in love with it. I looked online, on the MJ website & such but no luck!

    Anyone of you MJ gurus know the name of the clutch, when it's available, what colours it's available in & of course the price?

    TIA! :heart:
  2. Duh. A photo would probably help eh? lol Here's one I took with my Treo, sorry it's grainy!

  3. Looks like something from the MBMJ turnlock line.. It's very pretty. I love M.I.A.!!
  4. it seems as if the bag hasn't been released yet. it will probably be available by the end of this month or early february at the latest. the clutch looks fabulous though! i would just be nervous about being a target for muggers in nyc though... on the other hand, it looks so great!
  5. I love that clutch! I wonder what other colors they'll have for this style. It's the cutest. tadpole - the muggers will have to stay away from the cuteness or else!:boxing:
  6. Really cute color and clutch!
  7. i know, i saw that add and was like...oooooh! purty!....and since it's feb. i may just be close enought to the end of this damn ban, i can pic one saving MJ funds in the meantime..heheheh
  8. i'm so glad someone finally posted about this bag. i saw it in lucky and have been obsessed! i looked everywhere online and can't find it, i also called the marc by mj store in ny and they were no help. if anyone finds any info about the bag please share!!!!
  9. Thanks ladies! Looks like we all have to wait & see. :smile: I do hope it comes in assorted colours. Red would be fabulous as well as green but I'm definitely picking up the yellow!
  10. love it! can't wait til it's finally available.
  11. There's another thread regarding instead with MIA being their model. I love MIA! And I love that clutch! I'll be waiting for that to come out!
  12. hey ladies! just wondering if anyone has any info on the bag. are we still waiting?
  13. Available pretty much everywhere (Shopbop, elux etc) but not in the Sun color! WTH? :p
  14. A few members have purchased the bag. I know its available in Saks. Not online though.
  15. Does anyone else think the actual bag is a little smaller and more rectangular than the original ad in Lucky? I've seen the bag IRL, but it doesn't seem to have the envelope shape that I was hoping for. The corners of the bag don't seem to flare out like I thought they would. Does anyone know what I'm talking about or am I just losing it??! :s