Lucky magazine is really starting to annoy me!!!

  1. I subscribe to Lucky magazine...have always loved it. However, it's really starting to annoy me! I often see items that I LOVE and feel like I must have, and since they conveniently give you the source where you can buy the items, I always immediately look them up. I just got the March issue, flipped through, marked all the items I wanted to look up, but when I looked them up where they said they were, the items were nowhere to be found. Wth? :confused1: Are the items in their issue from the current season? Future season? Or are many in the past season, and they are gone by the time the issue has gone to print? It's really annoying and unfair for them to promote items, rave about how great they are and how you MUST have it, yet not give you enough info to actually find it. What's going on there? :cursing:
  2. i dunno about march, haven't picked it up yet but i have noticed in the past

    it's items that are in the future like maybe one or two months ahead.

    or an item (rare) that was already out when being produced, therefore on sale already or gone.
  3. OMG, me too! It's usually a particular shade of lipstick or something I see featured but when I try to find it, NOTHING! That happened with a bag I saw one time too. I even emailed them to try & find out where I could get it because it wasn't where they said it could be purchased ~ I heard nothing back:s
  4. I've had that happen too - usually the store tells me its not in stock yet. And of course I forget to call the store back.
  5. You know, I used to subscribe to Lucky and I don't even like it anymore. It's one of the more boring magazines IMO. I switched over to Harper's Bazaar instead.
  6. Actually depending on the item, usually clothing or shoes, the item may have just been made for the photoshoot. I don't know about makeup being the same way though.
  7. usually with lucky, the items pictured aren't in stores yet. there's such a short in-store time with clothes nowadays before they go to the sale racks or sell out, mags usually picture stuff that's about to be available so they don't end up with a bunch of disappointed customers when they find out the stuff is no longer being made.

    i'm a magazine journalism major, and magazines are conceptualized and editted on such an early time table that it's hard to get the timing exactly right with the clothes (the issue that's out now was probably finalized at least 2-3 months ago).
  8. so they need to be REALLY REALLY ahead with fashion!!!!!
  9. wow! i had no idea! that explains a lot! i'm just glad these items that i'm eyeing are ABOUT to be available and not already off the market....thanks amanda!! :yes:
  10. no problem! i had no idea either until i started getting into my major classes, and if you look around hard enough on a publication's website, you can usually find the deadline for when art and material are finalized for an issue...let's see...this is glamour's editorial calendar: MEDIAKIT. they have about a two month lead time.
  11. :yes: :yes: the wierdest thing is that these two months deadlines they have arent even enough time to ship it out. My father is a retoucher,he does countless magazines and all three vogue issues and he sometimes spends 2 weeks with one issue!. He is already fixing the April mag!
  12. wow....can't say i blame them then for not always getting the timing right...that's hard! predicting trends and writing up all this time-sensitive stuff 2 months in advance! new respect, for sure :flowers:
  13. I KNOW I HATE THAT. it happened to me with a jacket i was looking for. then the items get impossible to track down. hasdfkjhaskjdfj

    i kind of regret resubscribing to lucky =/.
  14. I agree with you! I think it is hard to predict trends!
  15. yeah i just got my lucky mag and i was searching for the wooden heel michael kors sandals...i was checking if Zappos might have them but no luck