lucky magazine- fake bags

  1. i was in the airport waiting for my flight back home and i got a couple of magazines.
    I started reading the craziest article in lucky about fake bags/perfumes and how they are transported into this country as one bag (through customs) and they rip the top material off to reveal a monogram print for example. Also most of the perfumes sold on canal street for example came up with a small percentage of urine in them.. it was a crazy article you guys need to read it !:tdown:
  2. urine in perfumes???? WOW
  3. Ewww on the perfume. The bag thing seems like an expensive way to get a fake into the county - I thought they would have to be bulk to make any money.
  4. Civet, ambergris and musk are/were animal materials used in perfume...seriously! For example, Parfum d'Hermes uses civet, though perfume houses may be making them synthetically nowadays.

    Many perfumers use these ingredients:
  5. Which Lucky was it? January? I'll have to check that out!
  6. On one show I was watching on TV "The Real Hustle", they were warning you not to buy fake perfumes because they mix them with things like urine, bleach and lots of nasty chemicals.
  7. At the very least, most "discount" authentic perfumes have passed their expiration date and have a very short half-life after that (the fragrance will wear off more quickly than if they were new).
  8. Ugh! My boyfriend bought me some fake perfume on Canal St. (by accident, it was right after we'd moved here and were newbies). It stunk so I tossed it! but I had no idea it might have had URINE in it-- GROSS!!
  9. Eau de....HUH? Yuck! Does fake perfume even smell like the real perfume or just total junk? I guess I don't really want to know...
  10. This is so gross! I haven't ever been to Canal Street so forgive my ignorance but if it is illegal to sell fake goods and EVERYONE knows that Canal Street is famous for selling them, why don't they get shut down by the authorities/police?
  11. I saw an article similar to that in Bazaar while I was at the hair salon. I thought that it was a very expensive, time consuming way to get bags through customs, too. I guess it is just one extra step, but I had never heard of that tactic before. Interesting.

  12. Probably because a lot of these vendors sell A LOT of other stuff that is not counterfeit, so they can get away with being a legit biz. They sell a lot of other cheaply made goods along with the fake stuff and, truly, I think that most of the fake bags the designers are worried about are not even the ones you see on Canal St. I have been to Canal a few times and Santee Alley in Los Angeles a lot more often and I have NEVER once seen a bag that even looks close to being a good counterfeit. I think most high quality counterfeits are sold online, through a third party (trunk of a car or private home) or at these famous "purse parties" that you hear about.
  13. ewwww urine in purfume??? the only place i want urine is in a toilet and nowhere else...grosss
  14. OMG. thats disgusting! I buy perfume on canal st :sick: please excuse me while I go throw up in my mouth.

    I guess I'll never be buying on canal ever again.