Lucky Mag:shopping awards

  1. I'm sitting here reading one of my favorite fashion magazines (Lucky)and noticed the great article on their shopping awards. They have the best of everything, from dept stores,web sites, chain stores, etc..etc. Seeing at how most of us tPF'ers are sitting with our cute little noses on the monitor (trust me, mine is when I see a fab handbag I want and drooling over :drool:) I'm reading the part about the best websites, which is great. Shopbop,Gap,Eluxury, Sephora,Zappos, Nordstroms and last but not least Bluefly are the top picks. There are others but I'm kinda drooling over some nice bags as I am flipping the pages over as I'm typing mind wanders and wishes.:girlsigh:

    p.s. I hope this is the right place to post...if not....."move it, nothing to see here...move along folks.:p
  2. I saw that too-not sure exactly how it works. There are so many perks programs out there, it's becoming confusing. but anything to save money--that much more for purses!