Lucky Mag Bag Guide

  1. I've been looking for any comments about the April issue of Lucky Mag's Bag guide. I liked it, but I'm upset because now I want so many more bags... What did anyone else think? Thanks. EmmaA
  2. they had a few cute things, i thought, but i was kind of disappointed because for the categories that they gave, i could think of much better examples, in most cases.
  3. Exactly.
  4. I wasn't impressed with the list because they featured so may average, or worse, average AND expensive bags.
  5. I agree. The only new thing I saw that I'd want was a green Bally satchel.
  6. scan some pics in girls!
  7. yes please for us outside the US! :love:
  8. Maybe someone should alert Lucky to the Purse Forum. They have cute bags, but nothing that I think really unique or different.
  9. I bought the mag cause it said "124 bags you'll want right now!" on the cover! Here you go. (excuse the shiny corner on the lower right of the pages, I am a horrible photographer!)
    lucky1.jpg lucky2.jpg lucky3.jpg lucky4.jpg lucky5.jpg
  10. Next..
    lucky6.jpg lucky7.jpg lucky8.jpg lucky9.jpg lucky10.jpg
  11. And finally.. (Vlad, this is my first attempt at resizing -- I've only ever posted thumbnails. If they are really crap/unclear copies, please feel free to delete.)

    All credits of course, Lucky Magazine April 2006.
    lucky11.jpg lucky12.jpg lucky13.jpg lucky14.jpg lucky15.jpg
  12. Thanks Mini!! Actually there isn't one single bag I would go for.
  13. You're welcome. There's a white muse in the 'carry-ons' section, but it's actually just a leather-trimmed one. And the Edith is there in the 'soft satchel' section! I thought that part was alright. I was disappointed though with the 'woven' section. Imagine, not a single BV in sight!

    Maybe they wanted to make the selection a good mix of affordable and luxury.
  14. I have this magazine and it was a bit disappointing.
  15. I know what you mean, pursegalsf, can you imagine there was a whole section called 'basket'!? Who knew it was a subcategory! I mean, I never surfed in bluefly or NM and clicked 'Shoes and Handbags' and then navigated onwards to 'Baskets'. :weird: