Lucky Lady

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  1. Forgot to mention this ... So I went to Hermes not long ago and while waiting, a brand new Birkin was brought out from the back. The bag was to be put on the shelf. My SA said I should get it, but I declined since it wasn't my leather, color, or size. After that, this chic Japanese lady asked to see it. She played around with it for a while and left the store with the bag.

    The bag NEVER even made it to the shelf!:wtf:
  2. That's what happens most of the time!!! A few months ago my SA opened a box (with plastic) to show me a Clemence gold Birkin; I declined it 'cause I want it in a smooth leather, and as soon as she put it back in the box (without even having the time to close it) a lady who was lurking behind me, jumped forward like a tiger waiting for it's prey, and grabbed it!!
  3. ^ Dunas right, this happens all the time at my store....they stand around waiting to see if you'll take the bag or not - LOL! I like to put them on hold just to piss them off, occasionally......
  4. LOL!!! You're so funny!! Hm, I guess I should ask them to put things on hold too if I want a croc bag~~~ I want that Rose Indienne Kelly
  5. Btw have you put Mr Lau on hold too? He ain't returning my calls. And I've got my H knee pads all ready and waiting too. LOL.
  6. It's truly a perfect example of being at the right place at the right time. I don't think that lady has ever been at the store before, she just walked in and got the bag!
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. He's just playing hard to get, Wong...he did this to me right after corn-gate.
  9. Hmm, so now I wonder which tPF'er is on her knees right now. :graucho:

    And what she gets...

    When he finally comes grovelling back are you gonna play hardball with him and get that croc birkin?
  10. ^ I think it's Jag......she needs a Birkin (and deserves one!).

    Nah, I'm gonna go the second oldest-fashioned route for a croc......begging DH for a 'big' birthday....say my 50th?

    I want a Croc Kelly.....I like Kellys better in Croc.
  11. We seriously need a subforum on the H forum for Mr. Lau. LOL!
  12. LOL, Kou!
  13. I like Kelly in croc, and it has to be POROSUS croc~~~ Speaking of croc, it is definitely true that with that whole waiting list being closed hubbub, they make exceptions when you tell them you want to order one with diamonds. My SA said that if I want to get a diamond bag ANY time, I just need to give them 3 years advance notice ... :sweatdrop:
  14. 50's too far away. I think 40 is a big enough number for you to start psyching the DH already.

    Yeah, Jag should get a nice Birkin (and more) from Mr Lau. I'll even give up my knee pad time w/ him in her cause.
  15. I noticed that while ppl say that "All Roads Lead to Rome", on the Hermes forum, all conversation eventually leads back to Mr. Lau.