Lucky girl!!

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  1. Hello all, I just wanted to share my recent purchase and news. I have been a lucky girl these past few months. I received the Bloomsbury pm and the Emilie wallet in DE for Xmas from my DH. Now just recently my DH again surprised me with the speedy 30 bandouliere, which I am waiting for it to be delivered as I write this. He said that the US is very low on this bag and he could only find it at Saks in Boston. The price increase is happening in the next few days is what a SA told me at the Louis Vuitton boutique near me. This will be my last bag for awhile and I am looking forward to working on my SLG collection. So I know own the bloomsbury, neverfull mm, speedy bandouliere, and emilie wallet all in DA. I would love to hear from all you speedy bandouliere owners. Was this a wise choice for my collection? I love that this bag is so classic and I have owned the speedy 25 in the past which was recently passed down to my niece. Thanks for letting me share and I will send pics as soon as it gets here. I feel like a kid in a toy store right now. :smile:
  2. Definitely a good choice. You could never go wrong with a classic. You are very blessed. Enjoy your new addition!
  3. speedy b 30 is a great bag. i think it was a wonderful choice and one that you will really enjoy carrying. in your post you said da but i am understanding that you got the speedy b in de? either way, beautiful and congrats!
  4. Love love love my speedy B. Congrats and way to go hubby 😀

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  5. How do you like your Bloomsbury? Thinking of that one alot lately...
  6. I know this was not meant for me but I own the bloomsbury pm. I can tell you this bag rocks!!! I use it for grocery store trips, mall trips, and just about any time I need to be hands free. It is very very light weight. Can hold quit a bit. And lays against your hip wonderfully. I can tell if you get this bag you will Love it!! :smile:

  7. Love my bloomsbury and my neverfull so much. So happy I got them. No regrets here worth every Pennie.
  8. congrats on ur speedy b is a great functional bag as im sure u'll love it and its so sweet of ur DH to surprise with an LV
  9. What a sweet gift! Congratulations!

  10. +1!!!
  11. Congrats on the Speedy B! Hopefully I'll be able to get one in the next few months. Love that bag!
  12. That was sweet of your DH! Congrats and enjoy all of your new goodies!!! I've actually been thinking about adding the Speedy B to my collection??? Let us know how you like (well LVOE) it😃
  13. Congrats