"Lucky" find

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  1. My husband and I went to Las Vegas last week for a mini vacation, and while there we went to the Coach Stores at the Forum Mall. I fell in love with the new keychain "Lucky mix" and (after being wrongly accused of taking it out of another womans hand) I bought it! Once I had it, my luck did turn around on the slot machines! I LOVE it, it's a perfect reminder of my Vegas trip. Just had to share :biggrin:
  2. ^Great! Sounds like your keyfob and "luck" went hand in hand!
  3. Very cool! Didja win a lot? :biggrin: :P
  4. I won enough to keep playing and break even. Much better than losing money though. The funny thing is that I had to talk myself into paying $42 for a keyfob (it was $58, but I had the 25% off coupon), and right after I left the Coach store, I put $5 into a quarter machine and won $50. My husband said "well, that just paid for your keychain" lol

  5. :biggrin:
    very nice~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  6. Nice, congrats!
  7. Was it the only one in the store that the woman accused you? Very cute key chain, I picked it up to and I'm not a fob girl but this one is cute! Love the 8 ball ;) hoping it brings me some luck also!
  8. Awesome!!!! I bought the dice keychain this weekend to put on my swingpack when I go gamble hope they bring me luck like yours did ;)
  9. Nicely done!! I saw that one too, but figured my luck would run out with my fiance if I bought it too, got the double star. ;)