lucky dog.

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  1. So, I took a quick stroll through NM (I was really just in there to pay my bill) and of course had to stop and drool in Chanel. There was actually nothing extraordinary so I was on my way out when I saw an SA changing the display cases. He was holding a gold/leather interwoven chain with a handle, I took a closer look, IT'S A DOG COLLAR/LEASH! I don't know if maybe I have missed a thread before but I had no idea Chanel made pet accessories. Now, I Love my pug, but seriously...would anyone buy this?
  2. hmmm... looks like your pug is daydreaming about CHANEL on your avatar! :graucho:
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. thats the perfect way to show how much you love your dog!
    and to glam up your pug
  5. Ohhh!! someone was asking about this recently!

    it sounds cute but I would be scared that the chain would bite into my doggy's fur
  6. I would! I got a black quilted leather pet collar for my first cat many years ago (It was only $200 something when I bought it so it wasn't too bad) and I thought she looked adorable with it :lol: She only wore it on special occasions (like when I'm carrying my classic we could match :P)

    ps. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your puggy~! (redcoral yours too!)
  7. ^ too cute!!!!!:smile:
  8. Any pictures?
  9. As I'm reading this thread one of my dogs is nudging me. God I hope he can't read, especially with his birthday coming up... Everybody's pets are so beautiful! Oreocat - I would love to see a photo of your cat with the collar if you have one. I bet that looked so great!
  10. Oh I would totally buy it haha :yes:
  11. Ohh i would. I just looked at a beautiful leash from Bottega that was so fine that I´m sure we would have bought it if they just had a matching collor. Which they unfortunally didn´t have. :sad:. How ever .. my dog has a black Prada leash and collor which is really nice So .. if you wonder if i would buy the same from chanel? Yes .. if i liked the design and the durable and it match my lovely dog i think i could :biggrin:
  12. Does anyone have a picture?
  13. Depending on how fabulous I felt I would buy the darn collar. I would have to be living pure luxury though!:graucho:
  14. LOL I prob would if I was rich! but I prob wouldn't I'd make my own :biggrin:
  15. I've seem one at one of the Chanel boutiques in Vegas... price tag absolutely killed me. It was 1200 USD...appx. No way... If it was 600 then yes, but 1200 is too much. I rather cut up my double flap straps and make that into a leash. LOL....