Lucky Charms Scarf

  1. Has anyone seen these in stores? I want to see it IRL. Any idea of the price?

  2. I only saw one on eBay and I think it was $425.
  3. Too cute! I saw one on eBay too.
  4. It's almost 400$US I think...
  5. It's cute! I haven't noticed it at the boutique yet but I miss alot of things! LOL
  6. That's so cute!
  7. cute scarf!
  8. It was cute IRL. I didn't ask about the price though. The charms worried me because I was afraid it would get snagged on something. But it was cute though.
  9. oh cute!! I like the white one.
  10. Very cute but that ebay sure doesn't do it justice!
  11. I think that scarf is pretty :smile:
  12. it's on the UK vuitton site with the price but it won't work for me right now
  13. It's not really my taste either, it's a little naiive for me. I think it was about $425 in the boutique though. Good luck finding one!
  14. I saw one at the boutique today before someone bought it and it is SOOOOOOOOOO cute! :biggrin: