Lucky Charms bag in silver goatskin *pic*

  1. $6995 from NM The Book
    Shoes $795

    Bracelets: gold or white enamel and golden metal $945, golden metal braid $635, silver metal $650
  2. Wow, great picture, I love the way the assessories are put together!!! Thanks for sharing.
  3. I think those are the exact same bracelets they showed with the Denim Cabas that I scanned last week! They do look good.

    I have one more pic from the NM book, but you can hardly see the bag. The pic is so weird. Maybe I'll scan it anyway and let you all decide.
  4. Wow at the price!
  5. Cute, but I would not spend that much for it.
  6. OMG! That's the price? Why? What makes it so expensive?

  7. ITA!!!
  8. Too expensive for me.
  9. I guess all of those charms are worth around 4 or 5K. They must be made of diamonds coated in pixie dust.
  10. It so cute! but hmmmm the price.. :shrugs:
  11. they have gone a bit too far with their pricing
  12. pretty bag! but OMG the price aaarggghhhhhh
  13. That's what I thought when an SA in NM tried to get me to put my name on the waiting list for it. I was thought she was insane...don't get me wrong. It's REALLY cute but way out of my price range.
  14. The plastic on those shoes makes the skin of the feet look really nasty! Even on a fully photoshpped and perfect skin model! :yucky:
  15. they are really pretty, but too pricy !