Lucky Breaks Deals - May Issue

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    20% Off Everything
    Code: luckybreaks3

    25% Off Everything
    Code: luckybreaks7

    25% Off Everything
    Code: luckybreaks5

    25% Off Everything
    Code: luckybreaks10


    25% Off Everything
    Code: luckybreaks1

    30% Off Everything
    Code: luckybreaks12

    25% Off /Sale Items Excluded
    Code: luckybreaks2

    25% Off Everything
    Code: luckybreaks6

    25% Off Everything
    Code: luckybreaks8

    25% Off Everything
    Code: luckybreaks11
  2. Thank you! I have been wanting a CC Skye clutch from chickdowntown and now I get a deal!!
  3. Awesome! This will give me something to do during the lulls at work tomorrow. You're the best!
  4. Thank you!
    fyi....some of the links are not working for me....
  5. I just got my magazine today and you've saved me the browsing trouble. Thanks!
  6. I just got a top from and shipping is free! Look in the sale section, the savings are already great and with the extra 20% and free shipping, you can't beat some of the deals. Limited sizes in sale section.
  7. Thank you bagachondriac!!
  8. Thank you! I bought 2 pairs of sandals at Klub Nico, one for me and one for my mom, discounts for on sale item too! :tup:
  9. thanks bag-dear! it's much easier to have links to click on !! :love:
  10. I got the gift horse necklace in gold from letrainbleu! I have to stop!!
  11. Once again thanks bagachondriac!! Got a Paper Denim & Cloth jean skirt for $27!
  12. At which store?
  13. thank you for posting! i just got a lot of shampoos and moisturizers! :tup:
  14. awesome! thanks for posting