Lucky Break!

  1. Lately, I've been having some really bad luck. This time someone let me off easy.

    It all started when I was at downtown (a very popular hang out for teens like myself) and I was at wholefoods to get some water. This day was a Stratus GM day, and I was feeling quite proud. (I'm sure everyone thinks it's a fake, because I'm sixteen.)
    Well, after I got my water bottle, my friends wanted to run into a store. The lady at the counter told me to "throw the water away", and, I had payed for it, and I really did not want to throw it away.
    SO WHAT DO I DO? I put the bottle into my Gm. First mistake!
    So my friend and I leave the store and go on our journey to walk to the mall. In order to walk to the mall, you have to walk up dirt hills and junk, then walk along the road, and by a condo that's being built. No big deal, right? WRONG. We get half way there, and rain starts GUSHING from the sky! I start screaming and try to stuff the GM into my Juicy Jacket. I'm a size medium, and I'm sure not even an XXL would cover that bag!
    Thankfully, we ran under an overhang, and waited until the storm was over.
    We made our way into the mall when I heard... a very odd nose coming from the GM. I reached in... only to find a puddle of water inside the bag! The whole mall turned as I screamed bloody murder.
    My cell phone was trying to ring under a good puddle of water.... in my brand new Stratus GM.
    I have never cried so hard in my life. EVER.
    So, Im crying like a baby, and running like MAD over to the LV at the OTHER END OF THE MALL. Water, spilling all over the floor as I rush with the bag in my hands.
    The lady at the counter ran over to be and asked what was wrong... then she saw it, and she screamed almost as loud as me!
    After a good roll of paper towels, the GM was starting to take back it's color. The lady told me that there was nothing I could do about the water stains, and that she was very sorry. Thus, I was basicly kicked out.
    So, I took my wet LV, cell phone, and went off to walk around the mall... that's when I realized... my phone wasnt the only electronic item in the bag..
    I reached into the zipper pocket to find my ipod. Dead as a doornail. :crybaby:

    Sadly, my ipod didn't make it.
    The GM is 100% Perfect!
    No water stains, NOTHING!
    It was amazing.
    The next day I was about to tell my mom what had happened, when.. I looked inside and the purse was just fine!
    My cell phone also lived!

    So in a way, I did have /some/ luck. :roflmfao:
  2. oh no what a day thankfully your bag and phone are ok, is your ipod still dead I've heard stories of some of them surviving after swimming?
  3. Sadly, the ipod has left the building.
    The man at the apple store told me there was nothing he could do.
    I seem to get that "nothing we can do" crap alot. Haha.
  4. Phew, glad to hear your bag is okay! I think sophia618 had an incident where it was raining and her bag started turning purple :wtf: but after it dried it was okay!! Thank goodness this leather doesn't keep water stains!

    Anyway, so sorry to hear about your iPod...:sad:
  5. Well I'm glad that your bag and phone are okay. I would take an undamaged LV over an iPod any day! I can't even image what that day must have been like for you.
  6. omg that sounds like the worst day ever! :push:

    At least you're able to look on the bright side :nuts:
  7. lol
  8. Glad the bag was ok...
    These things happen and it is so upsetting. Such a huge relief when it all works out.
  9. I'm glad your bags ok!
    My friend went swimming with his ipod once (He forgot about it)
    and he realised but by then it has already died ,
    but then 2months later he tried to turn it on and it turned on and worked :wtf:
  10. Im happy your bag is ok, must be treated very well to not have water stains, that is awesome.
  11. I'm happy your bag was ok!
  12. Wow that a crazy day for you. You must have been so scared! I'm so glad the bag is back to perfect and that your cell survived.
  13. Glad to hear everythigng worked out and your bag is fine.
  14. oh my god - what a horrible story ... I wouldn't know what to do either ....
  15. Very dramatic story! Glad the LV is okay, sorry about the ipod.