Lucky Brand Jeans

  1. Anyone have any thoughts on Lucky Brand jeans?
  2. They fit me better than any jeans ever...I love them LOVE!
  3. I LOVE Lucky's. Wearing apair as I type. The first time i shopped in their store I had to spend quite a bit of time trying on different styles till I found the right fit. I also discovered that different washes of the same jean run differently. You really should try them on every time you buy a pair.
  4. DH loves them, he wears them all the time. Has like a 1000 pairs of jeans, a few 7FAMK and many, many, many Lucky. I tried some and they were supe cute but did not love them. I think I have to find my right fit since I am short I have a hard time finding jeans that fit good since I dont like to have them hemmed.
  5. i like them a lot! they are relatively cheap too. whenever i go to the outlet in orlando i find them for $60-70 each!
  6. I like them - some washes better than others. Should def try on. Lucked out & found a pair @ TJs the other day 29.99 from 148 - and short/petite - what a deal:smile:
  7. I saw that there are some short lengths which would work for me considering I'm only 5'. But I probably will have to be there awhile the next time and actually try on the different styles to see if any fits me well.
  8. I have a few pairs because they are one of the few brands that makes jeans short enough for me to buy without hemming. I like them, but you really need to try them on because there is a lot of variation in fit between styles and washes.
  9. Love them better than any other designer jeans- super flattering.
  10. Love them. Got my last pair for 15 dollars(Reg 110) at Belk, love the xtra 50% off days!!!!!
  11. People seem to either LOVE Lucky Brand or totally HATE Lucky Brand. They have a cult following. You just have to try it for yourself and see :smile:

    I wasn't that impressed... but maybe thats because I had really high expectations.
  12. ^ ME TOO!!! :yes:

    I'm a recovering designer denim addict. I still own 20+ pairs of TR, 7FAM, Paige, Joe's, etc. But my very favorite jeans in the whole world are my $17 Luckys I got at Ross. The only jeans I wear anymore are Luckys, one pair of Juicy Couture and one pair of Paige. I've heard denim snobs say some nasty thing about Lucky, but Luckys fit me better, look better and are way cheaper. People stop me all the time to tell me how cute they look and ask where I got them!

    My favorite style is the Lil Maggie. My second favorite is the Socialite fit, which I don't think they make anymore.
  13. i :heart: lucky too!!! plus, most of thier stuff is made in the u.s.a. hopefully, that means thier sweatshop-free...
  14. I love Luck, too!! They fit great but do tend to stretch out a bit!!
  15. I am not a fan. Too many other brands I would buy first.