Lucky Brand - 75% off sale

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    I just bought a pair of sweats for $15, regularly $60! They have some jeans and tops on sale as well...
  2. #2 Jul 11, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2009
    Almost every single item I try to put in my cart says "out of stock"

    I did find a free shipping code: LUCKYFGS
  3. Thank you! Gotta go check it out . . .
  4. everything is basically gone..
  5. too late....
  6. necklace for $8 nothing special though
  7. Thanks for posting!!!
  8. Aww, I love Lucky, but basically everything is gone :sad:
  9. Just wanted to say that they have great customer service (or could be just the guy I talked to, don't remember his name) - I had bought a bag at 50% off during the 50% off sale and then when it went to 75% off, I was out of the country so when I called after I returned to do the price adjustment, the item was actually not on their website anymore, but the rep was able to find the item in their DB elsewhere with the code I gave him for the item, and he gave me the price adjustment (a good $60 back!)