Lucky Brand 50% off sale

  1. I just came back from the Lucky store and got some great stuff half off. I love their semi yearly sales. Good thing I waited I saved over $100.
  2. congrats on your savings!
  3. Their sales are great!
    One thing...I'm not crazy about their bags, but I love everythihg else!
  4. I just noticed Ugly Betty had on the Lucky patchwork bag today.

    Well, besides the bad product placement, I like the Lucky Brand bags. They are really slouchy and fun. However, I probably will never own one since the lovely ladies here have introduced me to so many other bags that are far less affordable.;)
  5. Got a pair of jeans and a silk shirt for less than a hundred :tup:. I was eyeing a canvas backpack, I think some of their bags are cute.