Luckiest Shopping Day Ever!!!

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  1. I'm still in disbelief about what happened today. So I went shopping on Madison and Fifth with my friend. When I got to Fendi, I immediately fell in love with the B. wallets. They had a couple different kinds on display, short wallet with honey leather with B. buckle, and another longer one with black leather and B. buckle. While I really liked the contrast honey leather and black B. buckle created, I prefered the longer version over the short. I asked the SA whether they had the longer version in honey. She shook her head and said no, she's pretty sure that they do not have it. I said okay and that I'll just keep looking. Then she offered to check for me anyway. And guess what, five minutes later, she came out with this beauty... :love:

    And of course, I had to bring it home. :yahoo:
  2. :heart: it! :yes:
  3. Congrats! It's very nice..
  4. Gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!
  5. Love it! What a great buy. Matches my B Fendi east west :graucho:
  6. Thanks! :biggrin: I'm so in love with it. The SA said that the leather is the same leather used on the Spy. :heart:
  7. Gooooooorgeous ... lucky u :biggrin:
  8. SO pretty! I just got this in the ALL black version too!!!SAME ONE!!LOL! LOVES IT!
  9. I saw the all black version too! Woohoo! We are wallet buddies! :lol:
  10. Congrats, this is gorgeous ! :yes:
  11. Love it when something like that happens....was totally meant to be! Congrats!
  12. Very nice. Congrats!
  13. that is a nice looking wallet, congrats!
  14. lovely!
  15. Congrats.
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