Luckiest Day Ever at Ourlet


Feb 15, 2014
'over the rainbow'
Still on Mostly likely a return and most likely not suppose to be a the outlet. Hooray for the score.
My sister has scored some beautiful bags that were returns from boutiques at her outlet store. It's always an exciting moment when that happens......they even have a special section that they feature those bags that are returned.


May 7, 2012
i just scored a Rogue 36 in oxblood at my outlet for 50 plus 20 off, fainting!
OMG !!! Congrats !!!!! Can you post a picture of this bag when you get a chance ? I have never seen this color before irl . Only on the Coach website . I have been eyeing up this bag for some time now . I am usually an LV fan through and through , but for some reason this one keeps grabbing me :smile: Can you tell me , is this bag heavy ? TIA :smile:


Aug 22, 2013
That is an amazing score! Congrats! Same thing happened to me back in February. I scored a tea rose saddle bag at my outlet. It came in as a mistake in one of their shipments and I snatched it up at 50%/20% off and also a 20% coupon. It was the deal of the century, I was so stoked! Plus, my mother in law was with me that day and bought it as my early birthday present!
Dec 26, 2016
That is an amazing score indeed! I was just at the outlet again today and asked about rogues and the SA said they hadn't received any yet and didn't know when they would be available at the outlet. She said that they almost had someone return one there but the customer changed her mind, apparently realizing she was losing her mind if she was thinking about returning it.

I am jealous! I have to say that my next bag will probably be a rogue. It won't be for a long while but that's Ok, they'll keep. ;)