Lucked out at Dillards!!

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  1. I was at Dillards last night and was looking for the black & red glam tote for my dd. I had returned one to the fp store awhile back that I got with a PCE because it had zipper issues. Of course they had none, but they had the book tote in pink tartan. So I picked that up for her. She was less than thrilled because she's so not a pink girl. :smile:

    ANNNNYway. We were at the mall tonight to hit up the sale at Soma and I said, lets just run into Dillards on the way out. Well I'm sure you can see by now what was there for $97!!!!!

    DD was acting a bit dorky and giving me the bug eyes. But she's happy! LOL

  2. did luck up too cool!! :smile: Looks great too!! :smile:
  3. Wow, I'm jealous! It's soooooo cute!
  4. very cute!
  5. What a sweet mama you are. Your dd looks very happy!
  6. Too cute!!
  7. Loving that tartan! I picked up a zip around wallet today. SO out of the norm for me. Congrats - she looks too cute with it!
  8. Luv it and a great price!!!!
  9. Congrats!! That was a steal!!! I scored tonight also at Dillards. So happy!:yahoo:
  10. Congrats that is a score.
    I wish i lived near a dillards.
  11. Wow that bag looks great. This is why we always need modeling pics. Great deal too!
  12. Congrats! So cute and such a great deal!
  13. Toonces - It looks like it was made for her! Too cute!! What a score!
  14. Awesome deal!!! Cute bag for a cute daughter!
  15. Woo hoo! I'm so excited you found it Toonces! It looks so good on her and what an awesome price!

    I was actually heading to Dillards at Galleria yesterday when I got a call from my SA at Sawgrass so I made an immediate u-turn and headed west to pick up an amazing bag he was holding for me. Did they have good stuff at Galleria? I went to Pembroke Lakes and picked up a couple of accessories.