Lucked out at Dillards!!


Yeah, it's bad
Jun 19, 2009
Fort Lauderdale, FL
I was at Dillards last night and was looking for the black & red glam tote for my dd. I had returned one to the fp store awhile back that I got with a PCE because it had zipper issues. Of course they had none, but they had the book tote in pink tartan. So I picked that up for her. She was less than thrilled because she's so not a pink girl. :smile:

ANNNNYway. We were at the mall tonight to hit up the sale at Soma and I said, lets just run into Dillards on the way out. Well I'm sure you can see by now what was there for $97!!!!!

DD was acting a bit dorky and giving me the bug eyes. But she's happy! LOL



Jul 25, 2007
Loving that tartan! I picked up a zip around wallet today. SO out of the norm for me. Congrats - she looks too cute with it!


Jul 4, 2008
South Florida
Woo hoo! I'm so excited you found it Toonces! It looks so good on her and what an awesome price!

I was actually heading to Dillards at Galleria yesterday when I got a call from my SA at Sawgrass so I made an immediate u-turn and headed west to pick up an amazing bag he was holding for me. Did they have good stuff at Galleria? I went to Pembroke Lakes and picked up a couple of accessories.