Lucite Locks Spotted at

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  1. Wow! They exchange a heavy metal lock for a cheaper plastic one and charge a whole lot more. The beige one appears to have a regular metal lock. Am I seeing things?
  2. No. The beige one has an amber color lucite lock....There should also be a black lucite lock. Believe the color of the bag with the amber lock is sable. Am not impressed with the bags, leather appears uniform and stiff, not soft and slouchy...May just try to order lock only. Am I imagining things or did the price of the paddy went up from $1380 to $1540 to now $1995?? Are They CRAZY??!! That is a 50% increase in 2 years!! I hope Sacoche or Diabro still keep their prices reasonable.
  3. Yes, I agree the price is getting out of control! I really want to get a 2008 color Paddy but not sure yet if I like the new lucite lock.. maybe I will keep searching for that 2006 Jade Paddy.

  4. I'm not that mad for them either-- the lucite lock would look better on a mini. There is a Jade paddy back on US eBay, you should check it out.
  5. I think you're right. I zoomed in and don't see a place for the key on the bottom! My SA did tell me these were NOT replacing the old locks (unless they sold phenomenally well) and I dont think they will especially if the lock is fake. That's kinda lame IMO.
  6. I have yet to see a paddy for spring with a real lock...are you sure that they are still going to make them? I hope so. I would LOVE a violet paddy! :yahoo: I saw the violet Chloe in the other style...not for me!:tdown:
  7. I've seen these in person - they had some at NM the last time I was there - and the locks do not function. However, they still have the little tabs on the zip pulls, but since the lock doesn't function you can't really lock the bag (not that I know anyone who does this anyway). I think the clear lucite lock looks kind of... weird, and I agree that the leather is not nearly as nice as previous years' leather. Not worth the additional price increase, in my opinion.
  8. You are so right, (I just wrote about this in another thread re:perpex locks) The metal shakel of the lock pulls up and you can swivel it around to take it off and put it back on, but the key is for nothing, just an ornament. The leather is horrible...stiff, and crackly and very cheap looking. This bag looked fake! Hang on to your old paddys girls! You will see that they are looking better and better! ;)
  9. Those plastic things definitely do not make the bag worth a couple hundred more than the real metal ones. :yucky: